He walks among us in broad daylight
so bold
He wears the docile and pleasant smile of a sheep, which serves only to hide that he’s really
quite cold

A calculating man who plots angles and curves, he maps his trajectory of carnage

For he’s thinning the herd

He’s really quite brilliant, and handsome to boot,
quite charismatic and very astute

Sheep, they are placid
not known for their wit
They’ll follow you anywhere
if given the bit

Yet amongst this flock
there does stand
a lone black sheep
who will not bend to his hand

In this black sheep I fear our fancy young wolf may have finally met his match
For she is no blind follower and she is not averse to using her snatch

With her fragrant sex she will lure the wolf
She will teach this young pup to rue what he took
And like the fish on the hook, caught with a reel
She’ll take the poor wolf and teach him to heel

©2015 Kat Crimson

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