Blindfold on, I’ll spin the wheel, you tell me how you feel babe, when those cold metal barbs attack your soft sweet flesh with such gentleness.

Or maybe I’ll use some ice, wet and dripping cold from the heat of my touch as it glides and slides along your planes, your angles, your curves. As it burns.

Maybe it’s the feather for you? I love to watch you squirm as I make sure to tease every sentive spot. I’ll tickle your soles, the pits of your arms, the small of your back, the nape of your neck.. until you beg for it to end.

Who knows? There may even be hot wax? Dripping on your soft pale parts, the ones that feel the burn more explicitly..

The point is.. you can’t see. You can only feel what I’m doing to you.

How’s that anticipation?

Never mind… I can see for myself.. I tell you, staring between your heavenly thighs.

©2015 Kat Crimson

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