SAVE INDIE AUTHORS, LEAVE A BOOK REVIEWSupporting other Indie Authors and educating the community about how to properly support indie authors are two things I feel very passionately about.

Many indie authors work full time jobs, in addition to raising families, while also struggling to support our strong passion for writing – another full time job.

We are caretakers; we have children,we have pets, we have aging parents, and ailing grand parents. Some of us even do battle with life threatening illnesses of our own. We struggle to pay our mortgages or rent, and to put food on the table and clothes on our backs. In other words, we are human – just like you.

Prick us, do we not bleed?

The majority of us are paid very little – way less than you think and typically way less than minimum wage. Yet we work tirelessly, around the clock, to bring you our creations, out of sheer love for the written word.

We write them, we edit them and rewrite them. We make covers for them and upload them to Amazon. We hop on social media and try to make our voices heard above the crowded din of all of the others hawking their wares and slinging words of their own. We figure out how use photo editing software, how to put together marketing pieces, how write blogs, and even how to build websites to support our efforts and our dreams.

We learn where the best writing resources are and how to find the best deals on the tools we need to try and compete with the giants. We become the Jacks and the Jills-of-all-trades, picking up new skills on as as needed basis. We swim across the deepest oceans and climb the highest mountains, all so that we can bring you our stories.

We often give hundreds, or even thousands of copies of our works away for free, in the hopes that we will some day be able to provide enough monetary support, through our writing alone, to be able to write as our sole full time job and source of income.

Sadly, very few of us will ever realize this dream.

We don’t give away free copies of our short stories, novellas, and books because we think that our work lacks value. We believe in ourselves and in our ability to entertain, and/or inform you about the topics which we are so passionately penning.

We are trying to reach our future fans, and we are casting our nets far and spreading them wide open, to welcome you.

We do not all have fancy degrees in marketing, or know how to analyze confusing Google data in order to pinpoint our target market with laser-like precision. We haven’t figured out how to come up with brilliant strategies to brainwash you into buying the pretty packaging that our words are cloaked in. And chances are, we can’t afford to pay someone who has this ability. The big name publishing companies are the only ones who can afford to have those wizards on staff.

The rest of us rely on word of

Just because we have not taken the traditional route to becoming published does not mean we are not worthy of being called authors. Many of us have words that don’t appeal to traditional publishers, who will only publish what data supports to be mainstream material, or “proven concepts.” Many of us lack the desire to become one tiny cog in the rusted out and antiquated clockwork that the traditional publishing industry is comprised of.

For whatever reasons, indie publishing is our choice.

And, yes, there are some indie authors who would benefit from classes in grammar, spelling, punctuation and a few other key writing concepts. But, for every one of those – who, you must remember, is doing the job of a small army all on their own – I can show you twenty more indie authors who have their shit together and are writing amazing, if not brilliant works.

It is a pity that many will never get the chance to read these obscure gems, because they either cannot find them, or are unwilling to take a chance. We get it, time is precious, and sometimes it’s much easier to take the path of least resistance, and grab a mainstream book, rather than trying something new.

That’s why, when you do, it is so important to let other know about your experience. We can’t afford to pay teams of people to write reviews, before our books even come out, so that they already have 50 reviews on launch day. We wouldn’t even know where or how to buy these people – that is assuming we a) had the funds to do so, and b) did not have any moral issues with this type of behavior.

NO. We rely on the readers, with whom we have graciously gifted our words, to recommend those words to their friends, family and coworkers. The words that took weeks, months, or even years to get down on paper – digital or otherwise. The words that our blood, our sweat and our tears went into crafting. The words that our sense of adventure, our imagination, our hope, our love and our dreams went into creating.

Never, for one single moment, think that we give our words away because they aren’t worthy of being paid for. We give our words away because we believe in our readers, and we believe in our fans, and because we need your help, your support, and your encouragement to thrive.

That’s right. We believe in you.

Our gift of words is a token of that belief. We believe that you will show us that our sacrifice means something to you, and that you cherish our gift enough to write a few words of your own about it, telling us how our words made you feel, how they moved you, and what parts of you they resonated with and touched.

We even want to hear your constructive criticisms. We want to know if our words rang hollow, or our characters lacked depth. We want to know when your willing suspension of disbelief just turned to pure disbelief, or where we lost the plot. Believe it or not, we take your words to heart, and use them to become better writers.

We value your honesty – as long as it is constructive and helpful. Every review counts, regardless of the number of stars awarded.

Be a Super Hero for Indie Authors! Show your support by leaving an Honest Review.

4-ways-to-help-an-author-2All it takes to make a difference is a few short words – though we’ll never discourage more!

Your reviews mean so much to independent authors, who don’t have the backing of huge publishers, or the marketing budget to advertise their work on a competitive scale.

You’ll be helping to get us noticed by spreading the word about our work.

Save an Indie – Leave a Review!

Though leaving a review is the most helpful thing you can do to provide encouragement, there are even more ways to help!

Add your support to my Thunderclap campaign and help the word go viral! [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#ff0055″ color=”#ffffff” size=”4″ icon=”icon: ambulance” icon_color=”#ffffff”]SUPPORT![/su_button]

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Kat Crimson is the author of sweet, filthy, intelligent smut. Romantic erotica that slips in under your defenses and arouses your mind as much as your middle bits, pausing to touch your heart along the way. She is a friend to all beasts, an accomplished pastry chef and lover of nature.

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7 years ago

This is a great post, Kat. I particularly like the small section about our choice to publish independently. I have had a publisher, and I can attest to the benefits of publishing without one, having just done so. There is a misconception about quality of Indie authors, and that is simply not the case. Some of the best stuff is found that way, just as one might find the best music or other forms of art that way. I think dispelling misconceptions is our first goal. With that will come readers. With readers will come reviews. With reviews comes more… Read more »