I love fairy tales. I spent half of my youth trying to climb inside of one and live there. An imagination is something that is such an amazing and precious thing to own, but fairy tales aren’t real, no matter how seductive their lure, and you can’t live inside your own head indefinitely. That’s no life at all.

What if the life you were leading, which looked – on the surface – to be made of the stuff of fairy tales, actually turned out to be just as devoid of substance? What if your seemingly charmed existence left you hollow? What if the things you traded in to live that fantasy were too much a part of you to live without?

In Heather Cole’s Tales of a Filthy Good Girl we learn what happens when an unhappy woman, trapped inside her own fairy tale, decides to break out of it and forge a new reality for herself. She takes back the pieces of herself that she lost – the ones that were too important to live without – and owns who she is.

She is a woman who craves to be of service to her master, and a woman who needs the stimulation that comes from the dynamic interplay between her witty, sarcastic, submissive self and her sometimes indulgent dom. She is a woman who both desires and requires his punishments, as well as his intuitive observations, which allow him to provide her with the sexual fulfillment that was utterly lacking in her old ‘fairy tale life’.

While our heroine may be a little too naughty and filthy of a good girl to live up to everyone’s expectations of perfection, what does that matter? What is perfection anyway but another fairy tale we are all trying to live in? Perfection doesn’t exist either, so why go after it?

Instead, would it not be wiser to go after our own kinky, perverted happiness? Kudos to our heroine for choosing the path of happiness – and for allowing us all to be voyeurs to such alluring and arousing interludes along that path.

Pick up your own copy of Tales of a Filthy Good Girl  HERE – I promise you won’t regret it ;~}

For more from Heather, check out her award winning sex blog, VAGINA ANTICS, which she co-founded in 2011, with her best friend and partner-in-crime, Nikki Blue.

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