she’s a sweet girl
and i’m the center of her entire world

that’s a lot of responsibility, a lot to take on
wouldn’t ever dream of putting her on

there’s such an understanding, such overwhelming trust
the way she looks up at me just fuels my lust

til’ there’s no place i’d rather lie
than the sweet heaven that is being buried between her creamy thighs

there is nothing i would not do
to protect what we’ve got – a bond that’s tried and true

there is history there, and it means a lot
much more than all of that other rot

flowers that die and chocolates that are swiftly consumed
what does any of that mean compared with a girl whose had my back when i thought that i was doomed?

my fucking angel, she lifts me up
she’s my rock and the reason that i still believe in luck

let no man or woman alive
try to take and tear this thing that thrives

for she is the light and the love of my life
and now no other will ever suffice

©2015 Kat Crimson

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