wet heat
a warm seat

– the kind you sit with,
not the kind you sit on

my body across your lap
your belt, a leather strap

you use to tease
intent to please

spiking my fear
oh god, please don’t use that on my rear

the gentle slide of your belt’s caress
makes me wet between my legs

and as slow anticipation builds
i’m no longer sure what’s giving my flesh the most thrills and chills

maybe I do want you to tan my hide
if we’re going by the evidence between my thighs?

the intensity of your sweet mind fuck fuels my lust
my fast breathing turning my lips drier than dust

holy fuck! i need it now!
i don’t even care if it’s the belt or your hand which strikes on down

your muffled groan and a dull thud
as belt hits floor and hand my butt

at the same time as fingers slide inside
teasing out that lightning prize

my body constricts and then convulses
as your dual assault burns me to ashes

©2015 Kat Crimson

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