Free Erotic Romance: The New Face of Instafreebie

Free Erotic Romance Instafreebie eBook Giveaway

Free Erotic Romance That Looks Like A Million Bucks! Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag. The New face of the Instafreebie Giveaway has been revealed and it’s a clean, classic, simple, pure and beautiful masterpiece. Check it out here, in the Romantic Erotica 70+ Author Cross-Promotional Giveaway Page Instafreebie –…

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Choose Your Own SEXcapade

Choose Your Own Sexcapade: Moctezuma Johnson

Choose Your Own SEXcapade by Moctezuma Johnson (aka King SMUTPUNK) Did I hear sexcapade?!! Finally – a choose your own adventure worth reading, cus it’s for adults! It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of featuring good ol’ Moctezuma Johnson on my blog, but I’m so happy to have something of his to…

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Leaving an Amazon Review or Goodreads Review is Easy!

amazon review: how to leave a review on

If you’re leaving an Amazon Review from your kindle, it couldn’t be easier; you just finish the book and on the last page that handy, dandy pop-up shows up asking you how many stars you want to rate the book you just finished and after you do so, it prompts you to leave some review…

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Jizziebelle is 99 Cents for a Limited Time

SALE! Through November, Jizziebelle: Belle of the Burlesque is 75% Off! Lots of things have been happening here at Chez Crimson! Thank you to everyone who helped me choose a new cover for Jizziebelle – you all have great taste! And your input was invaluable to me. I truly appreciate that you took the time…

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Are Free eBooks Killing Indie Publishers? To Give, or Not To Give…?

free ebooks

I know a lot of authors, each with their own opinions about giving away free eBooks. The opinions span quite a range, from vehement opposition to utter flippancy (and everything in between). They run the entire gamut. On the one hand you have those who are seriously in opposition to the idea of giving up…

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Sick of the Bull Shit: Out the Cyber Sex Offender

cyber sex offender

Out the Cyber Sex Offender There is this extremely irritating trend that I keep seeing on some of the biggest social media platforms of blaming the victim when it comes to dealing with the cyber sex offender. We’ll just call the one I’m specifically referring to as ‘facefucks’, which I deem to be an apt…

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Gearing Up for Some Unorthodox Therapy

Unorthodox Therapy by Lilah E. Noir

Unorthodox Therapy, by Lilah E. Noir releases on June 30th! As both a writer and a lover of dark, erotic romance that digs into the minds of its characters, to provide an experience that impacts the reader on more than just a surface level, I jumped at the first opportunity to pre-order my copy of…

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Hashtag #Vomit!

Twitter Hashtag Vomit

Hashtag vomit, like binge drinking until you black out and wake up in a pool of your own yuck, is a rookie mistake many authors make. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been guilty myself. [subliminal messaging] Learn from my mistake. And just like being able to learn moderation with alcohol, hashtag vomit is a…

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