I’m a kat.
I will play with you
I will bat you around with my paw.


I will toy with you
to watch you squirm.
I will tease and torment.
I will frustrate the fuck out of you.
It’s what I do
and I do it very well.

Some day I may butt heads
with a worthy adversary.
One who doesn’t let me get away
with my naughty, bratty play.

But until that day…


I’m a kat
If you’ll note, that rhymes with brat…
I’m going to play with you.

You are just a toy.
You are not
a real boy.

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6 years ago

Love to play with pretty pussies. Tease them with feathers. Enjoy their sometime fickle natures. But you have to get their complete attention if you are going to stroke them to make them purr and knead your body with their sharp claws

Happy when my head is butted.