I thought I’d take a short siesta from my usual posts, which typically fall under one of two categories: an erotic short or poem, or a shameless plug attempting to entice you to read my self-published works, to bring you something a bit more personal – a look inside the Crimson mind.

It’s dimly lit, yet filled with wit, and as your bare feet sink into the luxurious carpeting and your hands find themselves fondling the soft, velvet smut-covered drapes the corner of your eye catches on the sparkle of rough cut gems strewn recklessly about, and your ears begin to notice the sultry music tempting your body to sway to its exotic strains. You realize that the filthy veneer hides a soft, sweet, romantic soul.

You begin to question motivations: why does she write this way? So naughty…

Kat’s are curious. It’s in their nature.

Curious about pushing boundaries, about the subtle dynamics of the struggle for power within relationships, about taboos, and about a whole host of other things that good girls aren’t supposed to think about, but which occupy the deepest recesses of their brains until it consumes every dark corner and spills over into the light.

Simply put, that is why I write.


Kat Crimson is the author of sweet, filthy, intelligent smut. Romantic erotica that slips in under your defenses and arouses your mind as much as your middle bits, pausing to touch your heart along the way. She is a friend to all beasts, an accomplished pastry chef and lover of nature.

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Dee See
Dee See
9 years ago

Kat, your mind and its wandering, exploration and examination of areas not yet resolved allow others to look alongside you. Thanks for sharing the richness you find in life!