‘My,’ exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, ‘what big teeth you have…’
‘The better to eat you with my dear,’ quoth the wolf…

The wolf advanced in a terror inducing flash of drooling fangs
forcing Little Red back and back and back again
until she tripped and fell over the gnarled protrusion of tree roots littering the forest floor
legs flying open, skirt bunched around her delicate, creamy white thighs

The wolf pounced on the fallen young woman
Paws pressing heavily down upon her tender chest
Scenting the air lasciviously the wolf tilted back his head
emitting a victorious howl that abruptly ended in a painful bark
as fur began to melt into human flesh
fangs receding
paws becoming hands
tightly gripping Red’s breasts as the pain wracked body of the wolf became man

Red looked on is shocked horror
as the terrifyingly beautiful young man morphed from the shell of a wolf
momentarily collapsing atop her prone form

Red’s body was as a deer’s trapped in the headlights of a car
unable to move

She missed her chance

The man lifted his body
Opening eyes that would never be those of a true man
Gleaming golden in the light of the moon
Burning into her with a primal intensity that spoke of desire and lust

The wolf released Red’s heaving breasts, sliding his hands down to grip her wrists
He held her down as he slid his body along hers
Ending with muzzle poised between her thighs

‘Your smell is intoxicating,’ decreed the wolf, as he breathed in deep
‘Terror, excitement, fear,’ he proclaimed as a vintner would after sampling a heady wine
‘and arousal,’ he finished with a malicious, malevolent and knowing grin

‘It’s time to eat.’

©2015 Kat Crimson

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Wolves know. They can taste succulent flesh just from a whiff of its sweet open raw smell. Mouths water. Tongue waiting to lap up its juices teasing out all of it flavor

But, wolves do run in packs … ??


not this time i’m afraid.. he is a lone wolf.. though that does give one ideas..


A lone wolf can gorge himself on fresh tender meat