Character bios from the Hardwood’s Harlots Burlesque Romance series

Hardwood's Harlots: Jocelyn Belle★✩★ Meet Jocelyn Belle ★✩★

★ Stage Name: Jizziebelle
★ Looks: Long, silky dark hair, a shy smile and eyes that hide kinky secrets
★ Primary Occupation: Erotica Author
★ Secondary Occupation: Burlesque Dancer
★ Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Playing Dress-Up
★ Bedroom Behavior: Kinky as all get out!
★ Demeanor: A shy and nervous exterior camouflages the soul of sweet and deviant kinkster

★✩★ Meet Ryan Mastersen ★✩★

★ Nickname: Sin – for his last name and his deliciously dark sex appealHardwood's Harlots: Ryan Mastersen (Sin)
★ Looks: yup, he’s got em’ – hard body, widow’s peak, dreamy eyes and sleeve tatts
★ Profession: Financial Backer and Silent Partner of Hardwood’s Burlesque
★ Hobbies: Erotica Reader & huge fan of author Jocelyn Belle
★ Bedroom Behavior: Kinky in the sack? Hells Yes! Skilled and … ‘gifted’ too ;~}
★ Demeanor: All around nice guy – but not afraid to throw down when only fists will do

★✩★ Meet Delilah Brooks ★✩★

Dottie, aka Delilah Brooks, is the (super) star of my second book. When I picture Dottie in my head, an image of actress Jasika Nicole always pops up (you might know her better as ‘Astrid’ from the Fringe – though their personalities are very divergent). Here’s a little bit more about Dottie:Hardwood's Harlots: Delilah Brooks

★ Looks: Petite, chocolate, springy haired fire cracker
★ Occupation: Dancer at Hardwood’s Burlesque, Mimi’s right-hand woman, best friend and financial advisor
★ Hobbies: directing people
★ Bedroom Behavior: very dominant – she has her reasons for always wanting to be in control… but is it what she really wants?
★ Demeanor: tiny and mighty, a tornado force to be reckoned with, protective and nurturing

★✩★ Meet Marcus Hale ★✩★

Now, let’s meet Marcus Hale. He made a brief appearance in Jizziebelle as well. He’s a serial lady killer (one smoldering look and you’re dead), with the wit and charm to make his looks an even more deadly combination.

Hardwood's Harlots: Marcus Hale★ Looks: Woof! Meooow! OMG.. yeah, he’s got em’ and he knows how to use them too!
★ Occupation: Waiter at Hardwood’s Burlesque, and also going to school
★ Hobbies: Girls, Girls, Girls!
★ Bedroom Behavior: Unpredictable, a little bit dark and definitely dominating. He can alternate between sexual aggression and subtle seduction with something akin to superpowers. He is very persuasive.
★ Demeanor: Smooth, charismatic, observant, intelligent, he’s able to charm the panties off just about any girl (and probably a few guys too if he was interested), with ease, but isn’t at all forthcoming with his own details.. a bit of an enigma. Sex and emotion have always been easy for him to completely separate.. until now…

★✩★ Meet Mimi Schotkins ★✩★

Hardwood's Harlots: Mimi SchotkinsDottie’s best friend, and the owner of Hardwood’s Burlesque!

★ Nickname: hasn’t been introduced yet (here are a few I’m thinking about for the next installment though: Momma Mims, the Meddler, Meddlesome Mimi, Match Stick Mimi, Mimi the Matchmaker – who knows… maybe I’ll use them all?)
★ Looks: Glamazon, Blonde Bombshell, Voluptuous, big haired and totally larger than life!
★ Occupation: Owner of Hardwood’s Burlesque, and Stage Announcer
★ Hobbies: match making
★ Bedroom Behavior: someday we may find out… ;~}
★ Demeanor: radiant, grounded, unflappable, nurturing, calm, yet energized

– when I think of Mimi, actress Connie Britton comes to mind – she wasn’t an inspiration while I was writing, but when I went looking for someone who embodied Mimi’s qualities, she’s who immediately came to mind for me

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