Character bios from the Hardwood’s Harlots Burlesque Romance series

Hardwood's Harlots: Jocelyn Belle★✩★ Meet Jocelyn Belle ★✩★

★ Stage Name: Jizziebelle
★ Looks: Long, silky dark hair, a shy smile and eyes that hide kinky secrets
★ Primary Occupation: Erotica Author
★ Secondary Occupation: Burlesque Dancer
★ Hobbies: Dancing, Photography, Playing Dress-Up
★ Bedroom Behavior: Kinky as all get out!
★ Demeanor: A shy and nervous exterior camouflages the soul of sweet and deviant kinkster

★✩★ Meet Ryan Mastersen ★✩★

★ Nickname: Sin – for his last name and his deliciously dark sex appealHardwood's Harlots: Ryan Mastersen (Sin)
★ Looks: yup, he’s got em’ – hard body, widow’s peak, dreamy eyes and sleeve tatts
★ Profession: Financial Backer and Silent Partner of Hardwood’s Burlesque
★ Hobbies: Erotica Reader & huge fan of author Jocelyn Belle
★ Bedroom Behavior: Kinky in the sack? Hells Yes! Skilled and … ‘gifted’ too ;~}
★ Demeanor: All around nice guy – but not afraid to throw down when only fists will do

★✩★ Meet Delilah Brooks ★✩★

Dottie, aka Delilah Brooks, is the (super) star of my second book. When I picture Dottie in my head, an image of actress Jasika Nicole always pops up (you might know her better as ‘Astrid’ from the Fringe – though their personalities are very divergent). Here’s a little bit more about Dottie:Hardwood's Harlots: Delilah Brooks

★ Looks: Petite, chocolate, springy haired fire cracker
★ Occupation: Dancer at Hardwood’s Burlesque, Mimi’s right-hand woman, best friend and financial advisor
★ Hobbies: directing people
★ Bedroom Behavior: very dominant – she has her reasons for always wanting to be in control… but is it what she really wants?
★ Demeanor: tiny and mighty, a tornado force to be reckoned with, protective and nurturing

★✩★ Meet Marcus Hale ★✩★

Now, let’s meet Marcus Hale. He made a brief appearance in Jizziebelle as well. He’s a serial lady killer (one smoldering look and you’re dead), with the wit and charm to make his looks an even more deadly combination.

Hardwood's Harlots: Marcus Hale★ Looks: Woof! Meooow! OMG.. yeah, he’s got em’ and he knows how to use them too!
★ Occupation: Waiter at Hardwood’s Burlesque, and also going to school
★ Hobbies: Girls, Girls, Girls!
★ Bedroom Behavior: Unpredictable, a little bit dark and definitely dominating. He can alternate between sexual aggression and subtle seduction with something akin to superpowers. He is very persuasive.
★ Demeanor: Smooth, charismatic, observant, intelligent, he’s able to charm the panties off just about any girl (and probably a few guys too if he was interested), with ease, but isn’t at all forthcoming with his own details.. a bit of an enigma. Sex and emotion have always been easy for him to completely separate.. until now…

★✩★ Meet Mimi Schotkins ★✩★

Hardwood's Harlots: Mimi SchotkinsDottie’s best friend, and the owner of Hardwood’s Burlesque!

★ Nickname: hasn’t been introduced yet (here are a few I’m thinking about for the next installment though: Momma Mims, the Meddler, Meddlesome Mimi, Match Stick Mimi, Mimi the Matchmaker – who knows… maybe I’ll use them all?)
★ Looks: Glamazon, Blonde Bombshell, Voluptuous, big haired and totally larger than life!
★ Occupation: Owner of Hardwood’s Burlesque, and Stage Announcer
★ Hobbies: match making
★ Bedroom Behavior: someday we may find out… ;~}
★ Demeanor: radiant, grounded, unflappable, nurturing, calm, yet energized

– when I think of Mimi, actress Connie Britton comes to mind – she wasn’t an inspiration while I was writing, but when I went looking for someone who embodied Mimi’s qualities, she’s who immediately came to mind for me


Kat Crimson is the author of sweet, filthy, intelligent smut. Romantic erotica that slips in under your defenses and arouses your mind as much as your middle bits, pausing to touch your heart along the way. She is a friend to all beasts, an accomplished pastry chef and lover of nature.

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