Hard Bargain comes out Monday, November 26th!

Best Friends to Lovers: Hard Bargain

Here’s a little taste of things to come in the next volume of Kat Crimson’s wildly popular Best Friends to Lovers series – Hard Bargain (Vol 8)

Best Friends to Lovers: Hard BargainWhen the bed shifted beneath me, as one of my lovers left it, I let out an involuntary groan. My brain was on fire. Every single muscle in my body ached, including some I wasn’t even aware existed. My eyes felt glued together – not that I had any desire to try and open them, mind you. 

“Rise and shine my beautiful princess,” Foster whispered into my ear as his arm tightened around my waist and he pulled my body back into his. He ground his hips against me to let me know what he was thinking about. 

“Fuck off,” I groaned into the pillow. I wasn’t in a very accommodating mood this morning. I was hung over and strung out on too many fucks. My understanding of the expression ‘death warmed over’ had reached new heights of clarity. 

“It’s two in the afternoon, buttercup,” Foster gently crooned. He had stopped molesting my ass with his “morning” wood, which was an improvement on the day. But he had not stopped talking. Even his gentle whispers felt like shards of glass inside my aching skull. 

“We didn’t get home until after five am,” I whined, while making a pathetic shooing motion with my hand. 

“Max is making us coffee,” Foster enticed, paying no attention to my mood. “How about I start a shower for you, lover?” 

It was hard to be irritated with such a considerate man. 

“Aspirin first,” I begged. “Four,” I clarified. “And twenty more minutes in bed to let them kick in.” 

“Your wish is my command, dear heart,” he submitted to my less than masterful demands with an absurd flair that I did not appreciate. He planted a soft kiss on my cheek before exiting the bed, in a quick motion that left me feeling sea sick, to do my bidding. 

Is he serious with these pet namesI griped internally, while I waited for my salvation. 

“Here you are my sweet, wilted flower,” Foster said as he returned with the aspirin and water. 

“Give it a rest, will you?” I griped in agony, as I held out my hand for the drugs. 

Foster snickered in reply and handed over the four lifesaving white tablets. He waited for me to slip the pills into my mouth before silently extending the full glass of blissfully cool water. 

I downed the entire thing without taking a single breath. 

“Lay back down Maya,” Foster insisted, pressing a gentle palm into my chest, before climbing back into bed beside me and pulling me into a spoon. “Let me stroke your hair,” he offered, doing just that. 

“Mmmm,” was all I could manage to respond with as I wiggled my body back into his relaxing heat and enjoyed his tender ministrations. 

I drifted for a while, content to let his hands and the drugs work wonders on my abused body and mind. 

I exited my blissful state of relaxation only after my other lover, Max, came back in and announced, “Breakfast is served.” 

I opened my eyes, without pain, to the sight of several steaming mugs of coffee placed on the nightstand closest to me. There was also a bowl filled with an assortment of mini muffins. 

“I love you,” was my simple response to Max as I smiled up at him. 

“I love you back,” he grinned down at me and leaned in to kiss my forehead. “But you are in serious need of a shower my fragrant blossom,” he admitted, straightening back up with a wrinkled face. 

That got a chuckle out of me. 

“If I look and smell even half as bad as I feel right now, and you can still bear to bring me breakfast in bed and kiss me on my crusty face then it must be true love,” I sighed. 

“You bet your sweet sugar tits,” Max smirked at me. 

“What is it with you two today?” I groaned. “Did you conspire to come up with the worst nicknames you could possibly find, while I was sleeping?” I asked with exasperation. 

“We sure did, my precious little pussy lips,” Foster sniggered behind me. 

I was glad I had not yet reached for my coffee, because Max would have been wearing it all over his taut abs as I began to laugh uncontrollably. 

“You were passed out cold,” Max defended their shenanigans. “We were bored without our amazing anaconda charmer to keep our snakes amused. 

I couldn’t help but laugh until tears leaked from my eyes and my belly ached. 

“Those are the worst…” I trailed off with another peal of hysterical laughter. 

“Admit it, Maya.” Foster demanded with a low growl in my ear, that made my previously dead parts begin to stir. “You love our little pet names for you.” 

“I don’t-” I began, but was cut off midstream when Foster’s nefarious fingers found my sensitive sides and I couldn’t speak while he tickled me. 

“Mercy!” I cried, squirming from his wicked grip and reaching for my coffee. “You’ll make me spill it!” I warned, and Foster thankfully gave up his pursuit. 

Max picked up the other two mugs, placing one in Foster’s outstretched hand. 

“Finish your coffee Maya and have a few muffins,” Max urged. “After we shower, it’s time for a family meeting,” Max finished in a serious tone. 

The full weight of last night descended over me and turned the hot coffee to ice in the pit of my belly. 

Last night was a wild, drunken, sex filled, crazy night of uninhibited debauchery. It would take weeks for my holes to forget the feel of so many cocks, both gentle and rough, invading me and filling me over and over again. 

And it had all ended with Foster’s revelation. 

Foster was going on tour with his sexy band mates. It was the opportunity of a lifetime for The Infidels, and he wanted us along with him for the ride.  

I had said yes. Max had said no. 

What did it all mean for our future?

Hard Bargain is due out Monday, November 26th!: available for pre-order now (select stores only)


Book Description: Hard BargainBest Friends to Lovers: Hard Bargain

It's Maya again. Yes, I’m still a sexaholic. Just ask my two boyfriends, Max and Foster.

And Foster's band mates. You can ask them too, seeing as how I just slept with all of them. Together. Well, maybe the term 'slept with’ is misleading. It was more of a shared girlfriend, extreme bondage situation… at an underground sex club… in front of witnesses. And I loved every dirty second of it.

So yeah, you could definitely say I'm an addict.

Instead of a twelve step program, I’m giving way into temptation and going on tour with The Infidels, my very own sexy male harem. I want to be there to witness their imminent rise to rock-stardom, while feeding my addiction.

Everything is going to be just perfect! All I need to do is keep my heart safe from Pace. No big deal…

Too bad that sexy beast has other plans. Plans that include one very hard bargain.


Kat Crimson is the author of sweet, filthy, intelligent smut. Romantic erotica that slips in under your defenses and arouses your mind as much as your middle bits, pausing to touch your heart along the way. She is a friend to all beasts, an accomplished pastry chef and lover of nature.

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