…continued… CONTENT WARNING: contains forced seduction & rape triggers – please DO NOT READ if you find this offensive

Sasha turned her face away in disgrace, going utterly still, trying to dissociate herself from the moment completely, and to tune out the embarrassment and degradation of her body’s sickening betrayal.

“Please don’t,” she repeated in a tiny hiccuping voice.

“Why not little bunny?” he repeated.

“I never – I’m – I haven’t -”

He watched as she struggled to speak, and slowly it dawned on him. “You’re a virgin,” he stated – not a question. He was surprised, and even more disgusted with himself for his ruthless scare tactics, but in a sick part of his brain he was also even more turned on by the thought of conquering her virgin flesh, of being the only man to have gained access into her body.

She mutely nodded her head in answer, refusing to look at him.

“So what?” demanded Max callously. “You tried to murder me. You admitted that you deserve to be punished for it – a cherry’s a tiny price to pay for nearly taking a man’s life without cause – wouldn’t you say?” asked Max snidely, an angry  brow cocked high. “I could kill you right here and leave you to rot, and no one – not a single fucking soul – would say I hadn’t earned the right to my vengeance.”

“Yes,” she whispered brokenly. He was right; she’d let her rage cloud her judgment and almost committed the most despicable, most permanent act of evil. She was sick over the guilt of it. Sasha could only remember feeling this small one other time in her entire life.

“And besides,” he continued in a cruel, intimate whisper, “I can tell you like it,” he said giving the tear track on her cheek a long swipe with the soft tip of his silky tongue while slowly dragging the hard length of his cock back up through her swollen, wet folds, using the tip to press and hold her little button. “You deserve your punishment, don’t you?” he asked again in a low, lust filled growl.



“Yes, what?” he needled, holding himself still between her thighs. God, this is so wrong, he thought, but it feels sooo fucking outstanding.

“Yes, I deserve to be punished,” Sasha agreed woodenly.


“Say it again,” Max demanded.

“Yes, I deserve..”

“No,” he cut in, “just the first part.”

“Yes?” she questioned, turning her face back for confirmation.

“Yes,” Max affirmed, punctuating it with his hips, “Say it again,” he spoke raggedly.

“Yes,” she repeated, and felt him slide his cock through her folds once more.

“Again,” he ground out.

“Yes,” she whimpered and he rewarded her with another slide of his shaft against her sensitized skin, keeping his eyes locked with hers the entire time.

“Again,” he panted and was surprised to feel her inner muscles ripple and contract around his cock.

“Yes,” Sasha huffed out breathily, dropping her gaze once more as she felt her cheeks pinken with embarrassment and arousal. She needed to hide; she couldn’t do that while meeting his steady, hot gaze.

“Keep going,” Max growled out, trying to keep a tight rein on his self-control, not sure anymore just who exactly it was that he was punishing. He was so fucking close to crossing that line. Who am I fucking kidding? I crossed that line a ways back, then drew another one and crossed that too. There was only one line left now, and he wasn’t sure he wasn’t going to cross it. He wasn’t sure if he had enough control left. He was in very dangerous territory, ready to commit crimes against flesh that would give his rational mind nightmares, but he wasn’t at all rational at present.

“Yes,” Sasha paused as he thrust along her slit again and her body shuddered in pleasure, her nipples contracting into hard little points. They both waited. When she looked up again he was glaring in expectation at her, so she complied with his unspoken command.

“Yes,” slide, “yes,” slide, “yes,” slide, “YES.” Sasha’s volume increased with her pleasure, and they were both panting and groaning and sweating now.

“You like your punishment, don’t you little bunny?”

“YES,” it slipped out unbidden, she couldn’t even deny it.


“I bet you want me to fuck you for real, don’t you little bunny?”

“Yes,” she replied in a broken whimper, not wanting to, but not having any choice. It felt so good.


Her folds were so wet now his cock was bathing in her slippery silk, and she rippled around him, practically milking him, as her hips moved in increments to aid her pleasure. He was very much in danger of losing it, of burying himself balls deep in her greedy pussy and blowing a huge, thick, hot, creamy load right up inside her wet womb.

“I bet you’d like it if I shoved my rod deep inside your rabbit hole, and fucked you raw – “

“- Yes,” she sobbed.


“- if I ripped your tight, virgin flesh wide open –“



“– and exploded inside you –“



“- filling your little cunt full of my sticky, milky cum – “

“YES!” she couldn’t help it, “YES, YES, YES!” she screamed; at that moment his words, and the picture they created in her mindlessly aroused brain, were the only things that mattered to her in the entire world, she wanted it so bad she couldn’t think about anything but the image of him coming inside her body; she was beyond shame, beyond embarrassment, beyond rational thought.

Sasha wanted him to fuck her: hard, fast – like nothing else she’d ever wanted before. She wanted to feel the heat of the stranger’s cock pounding inside her pussy, exploding inside her and filling her up with his seed. It was beyond comprehension.

“NO!” he fucking roared, in denial, pulling away – almost too late, nearly coming at her entrance – so he could spurt sticky jets of cum all over her tits and stomach, it seemed to go on forever coating her body in his desire. Max had almost lost it, almost dove right inside her tight channel. Almost doing everything he promised with his words.

Even now he wanted to swipe his cum off her body and shove his coated fingers up inside her until she came screaming on his hand, finishing her off.

The urge to complete her defilement was so overpowering, it made the rational part of his brain, which was slowly reasserting itself, feel disgust.

…TBC………………………………………………………………… just not sure when… ?

©2015 Kat Crimson

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