fade-leftfade-rightA little bit SmutPunk, a little bit Rock n' Roll

Voted most likely to survive the Zombie Apocalypse, Kat Crimson is part MacGyver, part Lara Croft and way more woman than one man can safely handle.

She attributes 100% of her writing prowess to poetry refrigerator magnets and a steady diet of alphabet soup. She is a lover and a fighter, who will both out drink you and out think you, yet still leave you with a smile on your face and a lusty laugh in the pit of your belly.

She will keep you satisfied, yet hungry for more. You will become an addict for her softly delivered, savage words, her salacious, sugar coated debauchery and her charismatic charm.

Cum, traipse the taboo tundras, the elicit estuaries, the smoldering steppes, the orgasmic oceans and the rest of the erotic topography of Kat's mind. Journey with Kat. Join her as she seeks out sordid new adventures in her own wicked imagination, and find the higher plane.

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